Not sure where the years went, but we've decided to wind things down a bit and start thinking about retirement.  We need to maintain a select few of our longhorns to keep our Ag Exemption for taxes, but it's time for us to significantly reduce the herd (I'm not getting any younger.....). 

We are also raising a few Wagyu cattle (think Kobe beef!) and crossing them with some commercial cattle we have.  We plan on having some exceptional highly marbled and healthy beef for our personal freezer and possibly some available for sale in the next year or so. 

I've reduced prices on many of our fine cattle, but if you see something of interest, please feel free to make a reasonable offer for us to consider

Check out the many incredible deals we have on some of the finest Texas Longhorn cattle that you are likely to find anywhere.

As you browse our website, you will find some great bargains and many of the cows are with excellent calves from one of the three excellent herd sires we used last year or our AI program.

If it is noted "NFS" (Not For Sale), they may still be available to purchase. However, it means that we just aren't that interested in letting them go right now, and there will probably be quite a bit of good, old fashioned haggling involved!

Reserve your cows, bulls, ropers, or bull calves now with just a small down payment!!

Will always consider interesting trades!

We are discontinuing our AI program so check out the great deals on our bull semen page!!!!

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